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Characterisation of Test Cards via Probe Station

Question asked by bortoba on Feb 25, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2008 by Dr_joel
Dear all,

I have a understanding problem with the right calibration of our Test system.
Our Test Cards: SMA-->differential Microstrip -->Card edge.

We have a E8363B VNA with N4420B Test-Set and PLTS 4.x, Options:014, 550 and P04 are available. We want to buy a Probe Station with GGB Probes in GSSG (Ground Signal Signal Ground) setup.
So I have on the Card Edge side Probe-Tips (Ports 1,3) and on the other side SMA (Ports 2, 4).
Goal is to get a *.s4p file of this Test Card.

My first Idea was to perform a 4-Port SOLT Calibration and then use the PNA Macro: Characterize 2-Port Adapter to get a S-Parameterfile to de-embedd the Probe. But this is 2-Port  :? But I need a *.s4p for my differntial Probes. Are there any tricks or alternatives to do this like that ?

What about mixed Calibration ? Perform SOLT with our Coax Cal.Kit on Ports 1 and 3 , and create a cal-Kit with the calibration Substrates to use for Ports 2 and 4. Can I design a little Adapter ( Probe-Pads to SMA) to use as thru ( unknown thru ?)  Standard for this case ??

Or are there any other ways to perform stuff like this ??

For any helpful answers I am very deeply grateful !