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Cal Standard definition model: 85052A kit

Question asked by jhujhujhu on Feb 11, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2010 by Tisfurs

Can someone point me in the right place to look for the Calibration Standard definition model for the 85052A kit.

I can view the Standard definition values (C Loss etc.) on the PNA, but what's the right model to use with these values.
(I'm calculating the Error terms for error correction offline, so I need the S11A/B/C etc. for the standards.)

In the Application Note 8510-5B, "Specifying Calibration Standards for the Agilent 8510 Network Analyzer", Appendix C "Cal coefficients model", has some equations for open/short.
But they are not labeled and seem to be generic equations. I'm trying to find something more precise.

The Operation and Service Manual for the 85052A kit don't have the models either.

Thanks in advance.