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ECAL - thru line

Question asked by DSTEPHENS on Apr 13, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2010 by DSTEPHENS

I am trying to use an ECAL module to perform a SOLT calibration. The measurement setup has been modified for our purpose hence it isn't possible to run an automatic calibration with the ECAL. I select the states (short, open, load & thru) using GPIB commands and then measure all incident and reflected waves. The measurements appear to be correct for the short, open and load. However, the thru measurements seem to have about 5 dB of attenuation (this is visible during calibration)? Any ideas why this might be the case? Perhaps I've done something totally silly?

I'm using the following:
E8362B analyzer
85093-60010 ECAL
0.8 ~ 8 GHz freq range
-25 dBm power

The GPIB commands used for the thru :

Would you be able to advise on how I could get values for the open capacitance, short inductance and approximate delay of the thru presented by the ECAL unit? Could you also explain the difference between load state 3 and 4? Many thanks for your time and look forward to your advice.