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About BNC connector measurement

Question asked by NCCU1990 on Mar 15, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2010 by Dr_joel
Dear Sir:

Our company design and produce the 75 ohm BNC connector and cable.
Currently , we use the E5062A ENA-L 75 ohm VNA do the connector measurement up to 3GHz.

About the VNA setup , we connect the VNA with N(m) to N(m) test cable and add the N(f) to BNC(m) adaptor at test cable. We use the Maury BNC 75 ohm cal kit do the VNA calibration.

After that , we test the BNC connector performance. Discover that the BNC connector test result isn't good.

I worry that the 75 ohm N(f) to BNC(m) adaptor performance isn't enough to cover the VNA measurement.

If I want to use the 75 ohm N(f) to BNC(m) adaptor up to 3GHz, what adaptor spec is enough to  cover this 75 ohm BNC connector measurement?

Another question at below.

1.I use the 75 ohm N-type cal kit do the VNA cal ,then use the port extension function to compensate the 75 ohm N(f) to BNC(m) adaptor effect. 

2.I use the 75 ohm BNC cal kit do the VNA cal.

Which type of VNA cal method can measure more accurate test result?