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About microstrip calibration kit

Question asked by nordmanb on Mar 14, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2010 by nordmanb

In the AN 1287-9 it says that we can make our own calibration kit on PCB. My company made a PCB calibration kit with microstrip lines and SMA connectors.
In other documents, however, (e.g. AN 8510-5B) the SOLT calibration kit equations are only made for coaxial cables (and some advices for waveguides). It is therefore impossible to find the offset Z0 or the offset loss. Only the offset delay can be found (which I suppose is the value of the length of the microstrip multiplied by the dielectric permittivity of the bulk out of the celerity).

Furthermore, some other documents seem to say that SOLT calibrations are not made for PCB microstrip which is contradictory to the AN1287-9 which talks about how to make a PCB calibration kit and how to use it with SOLT calibration.

The purpose of my calibration test is to characterize passive component such as capacitors or high speed serial links.
My questions are as follows:
1: Does SOLT really work for microstrip line or not? If it does, why is there no document about how to use it with? Otherwise, what would be the best calibration kit?
2: How could I calculate the offsets for PCB microstrip line?

Thanks for the answer!