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Calrbration Question (E8363B+ACP-GSG150+ISS)

Question asked by xinwang on Jul 21, 2009
Latest reply on May 21, 2010 by steveor
Dear all,

I have a question about our network analyzer calibration. Currently we are doing some on-wafer inductor testing. Here is the way of how we conduct our calibration: we use Cascade RF Probe Station+E8363B+50GHz 2.4mm Coaxcial cable+ACP50-A-GSG-150 probe. the ISS is Cascade 101-190. I modify the Cal Kit by inserting calibration cofficeints from manual of ISS101-190. And then I conduct SLOT calibration.

Please see the attachment for Open and Thru S-parameter after calibration. From the curve, we can see, under open conduction, the S11 and S22 is less than 0.2dB, S21 and S12 is less than -30dB from 10MHz to 40GHz.

First Question: Is this calibration method right?
Second Question: Is the calibration result OK? Or is there any standard or description to judge how good the calibration is?

Third Question: please see the SMITH CHART: the left one is testing result from a foundry, the right side one is from our testing. It seems our curve is not as smooth as the foundry provided one. Both testing are conducted with E8363B+50GHz 2.4mm Cable from 10MHz to 40GHz with 401 points. the difference is the foundry using Infinity probe and we use ACP probe, and IF BW is 1KHz, input power is -10dBm from foundry and we use 35KHz IF BW, -17dBm input power. What is the reason our curve is not smooth? Please advise! 

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,