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8753ES delay measurement/adapter removal

Question asked by Pulse.Analyzer on Jul 16, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2009 by Pulse.Analyzer
Okay all you engineers maybe you can point me to the correct page in the manual or a link for the information or tell me there's a correction to the technique.

In the 8753ES users manual p/n 08753-90472
pages 6-40 through 6-45 detail delay measurements and adapter removal.
Step 2c mentions I need to know the delay of the short. I am using an 85032B male short. I have the kit calibrated at Agilent. The report of calibration does not mention delay however it has a phase reading.
Can this be converted into the delay?

The example it lists for 85033D - if you look at the users guide/datasheet for it the value can be found in a table.
At the end of the manual p/n 85032-90020 a link is given for standard definitions. This link tells me that the 85032B standard definitions are in the firmware.
Next thing I see is the procedure for doing this with the ecal kit (don't have one) , page 6-73 of same 8753ES manual says to examine the define standard menu on page 7-60. Page 7-60 starts to detail how to enter this information not pull it up. How do I pull the information from the firmware?

Is there somewhere else I can find this information?

Also the procedures mention nothing about initial setup. I tried CW however that seems to give me garbage. So I'm trying start and stop frequency the same (4.3GHz). I'm bumping the IF BW down to 3kHz from 3.7 kHz.

Thanks for the help,