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VSWR Measurement Setup

Question asked by padma_bai Employee on Jun 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2009 by RayH
For measuring the VSWR of Power Sensor 8481H, I need to perform the cal of the Port in E8364B PNA; during this process i have set the power to 0dBm,

Kinldy let me know
1. Is there any guidlines for setting the power or is it that the power can be fed as per the range of the POwer sensor 8481H?
2. Is there any relationship between setting the Power through the Network Analyser and VSWR of Power sensor?
3. will the measurements get changed if there is any chnages in the power fed through E8364B.
4. is the specs of the 8481H is applicable for the complete range of the POwer sensor?