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TRL correction in matlab

Question asked by Ben on Jan 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 14, 2009 by Ben
Hello everyone,

I need help about VNA "off-line" correction techniques, namely TRL. 

The question i: it's possible to make TRL calibration in 3 receiver VNA (8753D) implemented in commercial PC (by matlab) without making preliminary SOLT correction (two-tier calibration technique)? 
I wrote a matlab code to execute off-line calibration but I saw a residual ripple (+-0.5 dB around VNA calibrated measurement - by SOLT) in corrected measurements by my code. I'm sure that all expressions used in the code are exact and I've made also switch error correction. To verify the quality of my work I wrote also SOLT code and this one works very well in comparison to VNA in same conditions. I tried also to make error model conversion between 8 terms to 12 terms error model, but the problem still affect the corrected measurements.

Anyone have some suggestion about the nature of my problem and some ideas for solve it?

Best regards
Many thanks!!