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SMC Input Power Calibrations

Question asked by bwillis88 on Feb 9, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2008 by Dr_joel
(Sent this to general Help email......thought I'd post it hear if appropriate)

Regarding SMC Calibrations on the PNA.  (For Mixers, and Multipliers)

1.  When doing an SMC calibration for Input Power (power sensor used), we are not asked for a tolerance, or number of iterations.   What is the default tolerance used by the PNA? 

2.  I would like to use ECAL module in my SMC calibration. But, my desired input power is 17 dBm, as opposed to the ECAL's limit of 10 dBm MAX.   The SMC app forces us to use the same input power for the Power Flatness part, as well as the 2Port Ecal part.  What I do now is just get an input power cal/2port cal at 10dBm, and then dial up the power after completion of the calibration.  (relying that my booster amp is linear).  It would be nice to get an input power cal at my absolute level.