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Error 612 Message

Question asked by RichardTripp on Nov 14, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2006 by jvall
After sending the "SENSe:CORRection:COLLect:ACQuire ECAL1,CHAR0;*OPC?;" command string to the N5230A the analyzer appears to perform the cal before there is a brief display of the error 612 message.  Following this, the measurement window is minimized by the N5230A. 

I am using a N4691B 2-port e-cal module which the lab tech ran the Ecal Data Wipe Utility on.  Is there a chance part of the factory data was not restored after the wipe?

Another thing that concerns me is after the error was displayed I queried the analyzer (System:Error?) and an error count of zero was returned.  Does this mean its really not an error, or simply one that doesn't warrant being reported over the GPIB bus?