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TRL measurement uncertainty

Question asked by noremac Employee on May 24, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2006 by daveb
I was trying to understand what are my uncertainities if I keep a simple TRL cal kit model vs. specifying all parameters in a TRL model.  Is there way to understand if I specify more parameters that it will give me a better calibration for de-embing measurements?  I am sure this would depend on the impedance level of the system vs. the element to be de-embed.  My feelings is that for an impedance level greater than a factor of 10 than my open should be fine under a simplie TRL but for impedance levels approaching the open circuit then a more accurate model for the open would be required.  Is this likely a correct generalization?

Example: I steppped through specifying C0 only and not for an open and I received very almost identical calibrations results.  I know this only tells me if my measurement repeatability is good, but how else would I know if my calibration is getting better or not by specifying an additioal parameter?