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Can't connect 4294A to PC via LAN cable

Question asked by Rob123 on Feb 6, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by Rob123

I wonder whether it is possible to connect the 4294A directly to a PC using a LAN cable - without a router in between. I tried different setings and cables (Crosslink and non-Crosslink) but the connection expert just can't see the device. As far as I understand, the Subnet IP should be as there is no subnet. Thus, the instrument should be found with the IP specified in the 'Local' settings. But it isn't.
I tried setting the IP of the PC as the Gateway IP and, as I'd already expected, nothing happened.
The thing is that I'm really not very experienced when it comes to network connections, so I wanted to ask you: Could you please tell me a failsafe combination of IP, Subnet IP and Gateway IP? And what about the IP of the PC? And what kind of cable should be used?