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".Net" on PNA

Question asked by on Feb 5, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2012 by odanzy
I think that Dcom/com model on PNA should be replaced with a .net assembly.  Take the functionality of Dcom/com and move it over to a .net replacement built on top of a NI VisaNS like assembly.  Dcom/com is dead in the programming world and still lingers for legacy purposes.  Agilent should move the PNA away from this.  I know that the ivi foundation promotes visa-com but I think com is outdated.

Think of the advantages!  No security coinit/noncoinit events nonsense...and yet it would have all the intellisense advantages of dcom/com.

The path to doing this would probably be to build on top of NI's VisaNS (Visa namespace) .net assembly.

It is probably easier said than done and I am not a "computer scientist" to speak with authority on dcom/com but I just feel there is a better way.