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questions about residual errors measurement

Question asked by ting_0451 on Nov 7, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2006 by Dr_joel
Hi,I have some questions about the measurment of residual errors.
An application note(5C-026) of Maury Microwave Corporation indicates how to measure the residual errors.
For residual reflection response tracking error, it indicates"connecting the air line/short combination to the incident port and measuring S11 in the frequency domain with the time domain gate centered on the short at the end of the line".
I followed the above step, but the residual reflection response tracking error I got was about  2~3dB, it is far away from the specification given by Agilent Data sheet which is 0.027dB.
After calibration, I have verified the PNA with Verification Kits, and the result indicates that the PNA has been calibrated very well, so the residual error shouldn't be that big as I measured.
I want to know what the problem is. Is it due to the measurment method itself or someting else, and is there some good method to measure the residual reflection response tracking error?