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8352B PNA - Reading 'B' receiver for power measurements

Question asked by bwillis88 on Sep 21, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2006 by bwillis88
I'm measuring some somewhat broadband power amplifier MMICs.  Importantly, I'm amplifying and pulse modulating the input signal, while the Port 2 signal is small signal/CW.  Similar setup to Page 8 except I have a pulse modulator before my pre-amp.

Is an 2-port SOLT any good?  Port 2 isn't pulsed/ampf'd.  All I want is S11mag and S21mag (which I would add to the input power I Source Cal'd to get Output Power.)

If not, I would do a simple 1-port Cal for S11, and then to get S21 (or Output Power) I have 2 choices:
1. response cal, and add this S21mag to my input power.
2. a receiver cal on 'B', and I read my ouput power directly.

I like to think since I've worked hard to flatten my input power with a power meter, I can just read 'B'.  Why should I read B/R1?  Complication: R1 gets a little ripple when my DUT has poor VSWR.  Padding the input helps, but I'd rather not worry about error in R1 and just read B alone.

Thanks for any guidance.