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DC dependent X-par using loadpull NVNA

Question asked by vishal811 on Aug 24, 2011
I am working presales of load-pull NVNA using Focus tuners and software at SAC for testing high power devices.

I am able to perform NVNA and X-par measurement on the system and hence Anurag (EESOF AE in India and also in cc list) able to plot P-delivered contours.

I need following help from you.

As the customer also want to simulate for PAE, how to incorporate PAE measurement in X-parameter file using Focus system?

I am performing Vds, Ids measurement using oscilloscope, probe and current probe and Vgs reading directly from the power supply.

Hence the overall requirement is to extract X-pars with sweeping

1.     Power
2.     Vds
3.     Vgs
4.     Load

I am able to control load, and power but unable to measurmre DC dependent X-par

Pl. help