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Problem with IConverter and IncludeReverseSweep

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Nov 23, 2011
I'm using PNA fw. 09.33.09 doing SMC. As I recall, in the older fw versions, like 09.22, setting the CalType to SMCRSP turned off the reverse sweep, SC12. I upgraded to 09.33 and noticed that the port 2 power light was coming on.
After looking at the newest documentation I saw that the new way to turn off the reverse power is:
     IConverter5 cvtr = (IConverter5)channel.Converter;
     cvtr.IncludeReverseSweep = false;
This does not give a compiler error, but during run time I get a "Method put_IncludeReverseSweep failed: Not implemented" exception.

Replacing the IConverter type code with:
     IMixer13 mxr = (IMixer13)meas;
     mxr.IncludeReverseSweep = false;
does work, but the documentation says IMixer is superceded by the Converter object.

I have run pnaproxy.exe and gotten the dll's from my local pc directory "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Agilent\PNA". Is there something I've missed?