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Optimal line length for TRL standard

Question asked by mariafernanda on Aug 21, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2007 by daveb
I am trying to create a TRL standard, but I am not sure what  line lenght is correct to use.
According to "Network analysis appliyng the 8510TRL calibration for non-coaxial measurements", (pg 16) the optimal line length is chosen by

Electrical length(cm)=15/(f1(GHZ)+f2(GHz))

But I do not know if this length is the one that I fabricate "physically" or if I need to divide electrical length by the root square of dielectric constant of the substrate. 

Also in  delay offset I am not considering the dielectric constant...Is this correct? 
All this is for on-wafer calibration..


Maria Fernanda