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Adapter Removal with Ecal?

Question asked by dr_novotny on Aug 2, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2007 by dr_novotny
I am attempting to calibrate between connectors (typically N, 3.5mm, and 2.92)  I have had very good luck and acceptable accuracy with the adapter removal calibration using mechanical kits ( I have measured and imported a wilton kit for the 2.92mm).  I have had somewhat greater noise/offset with using the unknown thru  - acceptable for lesser accuracy measurements.

I have insertable ecals for all the connectors above - my question is can I do an adapter removal with my multiple ecal modules?  as the adapter removal just does a reflection on each side of the adapter with a through the adapter it should be doable, correct?  I am just trying to justify all these modules to my boss.  I know I can do a characterization of the module with an adapter.  I still have to do the two tiered cal prior to the recharacterization and I have to make sure my adapters don't walk away once I recharacterize.  It just seems easier to do a 5 connection ecal vs a 17 step with mechanicals. 


I have a N5230A 4 port 20 GHz (with a good delta match cal) and a E8361A (67GHz)