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HP 85032F Cal Kit

Question asked by jsmclean on Sep 17, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2007 by daveb

We have several 8753D network analyzers and several cal kits, an HP 85032B and an HP 85032F.

We just recently leased the 85032F.

Since this calibration kit is not listed in the call kit menu in the 8753, I have loaded the standards from the disk that came with the kit.  However, when I do this, the user call kit now expects an offset load when there is none included in the kit.  I have tried downloading the call standard file directly from Agilent--this produces the same results.

I can modify the call kit to use the broadband load.  This appears to work but I am not confident that this is the correct approach.

Could you please clarify this? Specifically, after loading the call kit file with a "restore state" command, should I modify the call kit definitions in order to eliminate the offset load?

Thank you very much for your help.