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TRL propagation constant available after calibration ?

Question asked by JBMills on Sep 12, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2007 by daveb
I am carrying out an on-wafer TRL calibration using standards we made ourselves. We have a non zero length Through, a Line standard that is a nominal 0.25 wavelength longer than the Through at midband and an Open. When defining calibration coefficients I have specified a zero length Through to place the reference plane at the midpoint of the Through which is where our DUT is located. All of our standards and the DUT use via-less CPW to Microstrip transitions. I am using an E8364B PNA for the measurements.

What I would like to access is the complex propagation constant. As far as I am aware this is calculated as part of the TRL algorithm. Can you tell me whether it is possible to display or download the propagation constant from an internal register of the PNA ? If this isn't possible with the PNA I have access to an 8510C as well. Many thanks,