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Old NetworkAnalyzer(8409C)

Question asked by Shakeel on May 28, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2007 by Shakeel

I have an network analyzer (8409C). It is giving a problem in such a way that when i give command on sweep oscillator (350A) of some frequency (Like2-6GHz) but thedisplay shows about half of the sweep frequency(not exactly half). then i thought the problem might be in sweep oscillator along with its RF plug-in. now i am checking and trying to find out the reason of that problem but i am still fail to hunt the cause.
Now a days i am trying to adjust the RF Plug-in module which is integral part of the sweep osillator 8350A and found that its variable in A6 board is not working i have check almost all components in that A6 board but could not get the way.