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Calibrating 8753E for Small Semirigid Coax Cables

Question asked by HumaneSociety on Jul 7, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2006 by Dr_joel

Shame on me. I am using small semirigid coax cables ( 1.1mm diameter one end having SMA and the other end nothing- ready to be soldered on the board ) to measure some S param on a SMT populated board (0402) and I have trouble calibrating.
I tried the idea with extended port after normally calibrating a VNA - which means:
I soldered the semirigid on the board and put a 0 ohms resistor and try to compensate till I get the marker (2.4 GHz ) in the short position on Smith Chart.
Well , first it doesn't get to 0 ohm, but almost 5-6 ohms and second the trace is shaking a little bit.
Please let me know where can I find a reliable procedure to calibrate for those tiny semirigids.
I am using 8753E.
Thank you in advance !