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Agilent Keysight Technologies U1253B the latest firmware

Question asked by LY1 on Dec 14, 2020

Hello all. 

On the page I cant find the latest firmware for the  DMM U1253B


I updated It from 1.20 version to 2.26 then to 3.04 version. 


3.04 is the latest one? 


Thanks for reply...   





- Keysight rebranding, change identity to Keysight and Keysight Logo
- Fix incorrect temperature dual display in fahrenheit
- Fix incorrect analog bargraph indication
- Fix incorrect ACuA level compensation at 20 kHZ and above
- Fix incorrect MAXMIN display, when changing from AC to DC mode, or vice versa
- Fix incorrect MAXMIN display, when changing from LOCK range to AUTO range, or vice versa
- Fix incorrect AUTO HOLD display at HZ measurement
- Fix incorrect range changes in AUTO HOLD
- Fix for MAXMIN feature to restart, when changing from LOCK range to AUTO range, or vice versa
- Fix display update rate
- Fix incorrect LOG view in setup mode setting
- Fix incorrect APO mode when PEAK HOLD is enabled
- Fix incorrect LOG view range display in PERCmA
- Fix incorrect OL flag check for mS, add variable pulse width range and one duty range




- Fix incorrect reading when the battery level is at = 4.7V. Wrong reading on the display may mislead users about the measurement made.
- Fix datalogging memory retrieval problem. When log memory is full, it will not be able to retrieve previously logged data.
- Fix inaccurate DC measurement when mixed signal (AC+DC) present. The factory default option is set to DC Filter ON during DC measurement. The DC Filter function attenuates AC signals to help you read the correct DC measurement from a mixed signal.