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How to form clean impulse FSK signal?

Question asked by Barnes2020001 on Dec 10, 2020

I have a vector signal generator N5182B with options N5182B-656 (ARB baseband generator) and N5180431B (Custom Digital Modulation). How can I form a FSK2 pulse RF signal, modulated with my User Data?
I used Real-Time Custom Modulation mode to modulate FSK signal with my data and I found the way to turn continuous FSK2 signal into pulse-type signal, using software trigger and RF output switching (with use of PC and IVI driver). But the spectrum of such signal is impure and has an extra harmonic (see screenshot). I believe this distortion is what spoils my measuring experiment. Tryed to enable/disable blanking - didn't help. Is there way to get a cleaner signal? Am I missing some options or soft? Thanks.