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Using IVIinstrument-AgNA to read S params to matlab

Question asked by amit17 on Dec 1, 2020

We are using Keysight P9373A Network analayser.  


Our main goal is to measure S params and save them into matlab. We looked for a code example but couldn't find any. We are looking for an example usage with IVIinstrument-AgNA.

The code we have so far:


myInstrument = icdevice('AgNA.mdd', 'PXI10::0-0.0::INSTR');
Channels = get(myInstrument, 'channels');
[CHANNEL_NUM] = invoke(Channels,'channelsadd',"Standard",'S11',1,1);
groupObj = get(myInstrument, 'Channelmeasurement');
invoke(groupObj, 'channelmeasurementsadd', "1", "S11", 1);


What more commands do we need?


We also tried using several other methods of working with it, VISA, IVI-COM, SCPI. but the only method that worked was
with IVIinstrument-AgNA in matlab, using matlab instrument driver. Is that the preffered driver to use? Are we missing a driver?