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E3640A not responding for serial commands

Question asked by bipin on Nov 30, 2020

Hi, I am using a E3640A programable power supply. Before I have used the same with Windows 7 Laptop using excel VB code, which was working. Now I am trying the same using a Windows 10 Laptop and with Python. But it is not working. So I went one level below and tried *IDN? in Tera Term, there also I am not getting any response. I checked the cable twice and its properly configured as null model cable. I don't recollect making any setting in the power supply, should I do anything there?

Note 1: I am using a BAFO USB to serial converter, and my settings are baud rate 9600, NO parity, 1 STOP bit, and 8bits. (In the instrument also I am able to see the same settings) .

Note: As per the doc mentioned in ( ) the characters should be set to ACSII, but In tera Term I am not seeing an option to make the settings as ACSII[ I am using 4.105 Version of Tera Term]

If anyone can guide me it will be of great help.