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Problem with Keysight E36104A VISA

Question asked by SM019 on Nov 30, 2020

Hello, I am using Labview to control a Keysight E36104A. The latter is connected via Ethernet to a ethernet switch together with other HW, the laptop and a cRIO from NI. The Keysight is configured with a static IP (as well as the laptop and cRIO). 

When I try to initialise the HW with a VISA Session via Labview, I receive a timeout error code from Labview and error -103 (Invalid Separator) from the PSU. 

Do you have suggestions?


I have already tried to call the VISA session as specified on the user manual (TCPIPO::192.168.*.*::inst0::INSTR or TCPIPO::192.168.*.*::5025::SOCKET) and I am using Labview drivers for E36100 Series. 

When I query IDN?/n or Open the Visa Session the HW replies. Nevertheless., "Write" VISA session is unsuccessful.