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E5080B Calibration with E-Cal(N4433D) error

Question asked by NeilL on Nov 25, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2020 by NeilL

I need to perform 4-port calibration with E-cal on E5080B remotely.
The SCPI command I written is :




When E5080B(26.5GHz) + N4433A , this command works fine.
However, the same one E5080B + N4433D , it can't calibrate and got error message as below :


Error : -290 : Did not find one or more thru standards defined that would
satisfy the thru method specified for the port pair and for the frequency
span to be calibrated.


how can I fix this error?

BTW, it has no problem with E5080B + N4433D calibrate 4-port manually.