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Short standard calibration definition verification

Question asked by SrikanthKundarapu on Nov 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2021 by Dr_joel

I am are using ENA E5080A and 85032F calibration kit. I performed 1-Port cal using 85032F(M) directly connected to port-2 of VNA and done port extension to remove the offset delay.  I tried to extract the coefficients of inductance(using 3rd degree polynomial)of calibration kit definitions for SHORT standard. I measured inductance to find the L0, when I verified L0 values ,I am getting value of around L0~13pF (attached fig1,fig2)which is not same as actual calkit  L0~3pH(fig3) and also, I also observed that inductance of the SHORT standard is decreasing with this expected behavior of short standard? How can I get the same values as shown in the Cal kit definition(at least for L0) or do we have any other alternative.