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Thermocouple measurements insists in using "Fixed Reference Junction" - AG34980A

Question asked by fbrochier on Nov 24, 2020

I'm trying to read some thermocouples from an AG34980A with 34921T using Labview. I'm using the "AG34980A Configure" to configure the channels to read Type-T thermocouples with the "internal" reference junction. But when I read them using the "AG34980A Measure" it changes the reference junction back to "Fixed" and gives me wrong results.


I opened the "AG34980A Measure" and it is sending this command: MEAS:TEMP? TC,T,DEF,(@1001:1040,2001:2020). In the past I used exactly this VIs to measure thermocouples using AG34980A and it always worked, why isn't it working now?


PS: this VI's came from the Labview Drivers supplied from Keysight for this instrument.


Any help or insight is welcome here, I'm struggling for a couple of weeks already...