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HP8594A resets when trying to backup Correction Constants

Question asked by MARIOSSV0CL on Nov 17, 2020


I have HP8594A spectrum analyzer and i am trying to back up Correction Contansts  but analyzer appears to reset when Edit Fflatness is initiated.

More info :

Following service manuals instructions, using -37 Hz password, "srvc" appears on the left down corner, next if i push "VERIFY TIMEBASE" the Timebase Number appears and everything seems to going well but if i push "SERVICE CAL" to retrive Flatness Data a warning message appears "FACTORY CAL DATA CAN BE LOST".

If i continue pressing  "EDIT FLATNESS" the analyzer reset and retern to normal use contition.

S.N: 3108U00130

Rev: 17.12.90

Can you help me please??

Thank you in advance.