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E4990A related questions - constant mode, timing, consecutive up and down bias sweeps

Question asked by Elo on Nov 16, 2020



I have here a quite new E4990A Impedance Analyzer that I want to use for semiconductor device characterization measurements. There are a few things I do not understand:


  1. What is the "Constant Mode"? I do not find much information about it, neither in the manual nor on the internet. For bias sweeps, the timing is changed depending on whether this mode is ON or OFF.
  2. Is there a possibility to exactly fix the timing of bias sweeps independent on the used frequency? I mean, can the time per bias measurement point be fixed?
  3. Can I perform consecutive up and down bias sweeps meaning that there is no voltage drop in between? Example: Sweep from -10V to 10V, maybe stay a short period of time at 10V (ideally not the case), then sweep back to -10V


I would really appreciate your help.


Kind regards