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Generate an OOK modulated signal with E4438C Vector Signal Generator.

Question asked by yuan0304 on Nov 15, 2020


I want to generate an OOK modulated signal like Fig.1 with E4438C Vector Signal Generator.

Carrier 400 MHz

Data rate 100 b/s (Pseudo-random sequence)


I started with AM modulation and set the AM depth to 100%, AM waveform to "square" and AM source "internal".Then, the waveform just like Fig.2.It seems like OOK modulated 1010 sequence.



However, I have a problem  with changing data from 1010 sequence to Pseudo-random sequence. Turning on the "custom" below does not work well (Data waveform is not PN23).Fig.3

What can I do to generate the signal in Fig.1?