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Problem communicating with ENA

Question asked by xavier on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2011 by raskyl
Dear all;

I am new in VNA remote control. We would like to control from a PC our E5071A ENA. I have been reading the program guide, VBA guide and going through Visual Basic sample examples provided with Intuilink and Agilent IO libraries.
So far from examples I am to communicate with ENA when using VISA, SICL protocol; but when using VISACOM it keeps giving error. I wonder whether is the ENA version or my code the problem. I appreciate your suggestions.
The VISACOM code is as follow:

Dim VNA As VisaComLib.ResourceManager
Dim io_mgr As VisaComLib.FormattedIO488

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim idn As String

Set VNA = New VisaComLib.ResourceManager
Set io_mgr = New VisaComLib.FormattedIO488

Set io_mgr.IO = VNA.Open("GPIB0::17::INSTR")   'Connecting to VNA

io_mgr.WriteString ("*IDN?")   'Reading instrument information
idn = io_mgr.ReadString
Label1.Caption = idn     'Print the information on the label

End Sub

The error message is as follow:

Thanks in advance