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8753 - Can one rename files on floppy disk with GPIB commands?

Question asked by drkirkby on Nov 10, 2020

I want to save the state of an 8753 to a floppy disk, of a name of my choosing. I can do this from the front panel,by saving it with the default name, then renaming it.


  • Save/Recall
  • Select disk
  • Internal disk
  • Return
  • Save state
  • File Utilities
  • Rename file
  • Select the file I want to rename with the knob.
  • Erase the title
  • Use the knob and the "Select letter" softkey to set the new name.
  • Done


That's okay if you want to do it occasionally, but I need to do this several times, so it becomes a PITA.


Is there a way to automate this via GPIB? A search of the 8720ES / 8753ES programming manual for the word "rename" only finds it once, and it's unrelated to what I want.


I've worked out.

1) INTD - selects the internal disk (i.e. floppy).

2) MENUSAVE - brings up the Save/Recall menu

3) The SOFT command emulates pressing a soft keyt. By using SOFT, I can save the instrument state with INTD;MENUSAVE;SOFT1. (But that's a bit of a hack, as I really want a proper command, not to emulate pushing a softkey)

4) Then I can attempt to rename the file using the File Utilities, making use of SOFT7;SOFT1;SOFT6 (again a bit of a hack)

5) At that point, the instrument is saying "POINT WITH THE KNOB, THEN PRESS  'SELECT LETTER' 


I can use GPIB commands to emulate pressing the up/down arrows on the front panel, so I can in effect move the knob. (KEY18 is the down arrow, and KEY26 is the upper arrow). Since the first letter to be underlined is M, I can work out how many presses of each up/down arrow are required to get any letter, so how many times KEY18 or KEY26 needs to be sent, but this is really a hack. If I can't find any other way of doing it, I will mess about with SOFT and KEY commands, but I'd hope there's a better way.


Any ideas?