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Keysight Visa Driver serial port option

Question asked by jpechuman on Oct 30, 2020

I have a Agilent 34970 that I'm trying to control using a program, using VISA driver supplied by Keysight:


using Agilent.Agilent34970.Interop;


How do I configure this to talk to a RS232 Agilent 34970?


I have configured it and can communicate with it using Keysight Connection Expert.


When I try to use the Examples that came included with the Agilent 34970 Visa driver, I keep getting this error during the Initalize() function:


"error = Timeout expired before operation completed"


Note that the resource address is ASRL3::INSTR, which matches what's in Keysight Connection Expert.


How do I get the Keysight Visa drivers to work using RS232 with the 34970?