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EMPro Equivalent of HFSS "Lumped Port"

Question asked by toddchrist7 Employee on Oct 29, 2020

I've been working with EMPro recently for some things at work, and it's my first experience with the software. I'm pretty familiar with ADS and Momentum, and I've done some academic projects using HFSS.

I'm modeling a pretty basic structure - an approximation of our edge-launch connector onto a microstrip trace. The main point is to get good models of the return current and justify either edge-plating or re-configuring the layout to improve our front end.

My question is this - most of the examples in EMPro tutorials use the waveguide port option. In HFSS, I'm much more accustomed to using the "lumped port" option, and a co-worker suggested that waveguide was not necessarily the best port option. Are there any experienced users who know about different port options, something more similar to a "direct" port rather than waveguide?