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Get s2p file or picture from E8358A via GPIB or Ehthernet direkt to a Windows PC ?

Question asked by antenna_guy on Oct 27, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2020 by daras

Hello Community,


I have now access to an old but quite good networkanalyzer from Agilent E8358A.


They have Ethernet and GPIB, so far I can communicate with labview 2020 only via GPIB.


I try to automate and documentate (boring) my lab measurement on antennas.

For that reason I want transfer the .s2p files and maybe Pictures in .png or .jpg to my PC and make some reports in Excel, Word or maybei Python scipt.


Has anyone did this before and can share a VI with me or whatever ?


Must I storage the files in the hard disk of the Networkanalyzer or can I transer it direkt via Ethernet or GPIB to the Windows 10 PC ?


I have access to the files of the Networkanalyzer with a crossover Ethernet cable but not with labview NI max only recognise the analyzer via GPIB.


Feedback will be very cool