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Agilent 3000 series "can't connect to usb device"

Question asked by alberto_ugr on Oct 29, 2020

We have an old DSO3062A (Agilent 3000 series) at our lab, which I am trying to connect to a computer running windows10.  No matter what I do, the computer does not recognize the device, and the "Scope connect software" does not detect the oscilloscope - I get the error message "can't connect to usb device". Along with the oscilloscope comes a CD which installs some IO libraries, but still the scope is not recognized.


So far I have only tried connecting it using and usb cable. The oscilloscope does another port, for a GPIB connector, but I have currently none of those around. 


We plan on buying a newer oscilloscope, but for the time being it would be very helpful to be able to connect this one to the computer.