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Display Trace Data On Excel

Question asked by RFMW_Cult on Oct 23, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2020 by emcpete

I am getting a VI_ERROR_TMO whenever I try to pull trace data from my PNA to an excel file. The pop up window states that the error is present in the third transaction. That would be the "READ TEXT x REAL64 ARRAY:201,1" command. I have tried different versions of the SCPI command, but I am still getting error messages. I then set it to NOP to make sure that the error is isolated to this command line only, seems like it is. I wonder if the error has to do with my PNA setup. I am using basic trace names like "CH1_S31_1" and I don't seem to get any errors from that. If anyone has experienced a similar error and was able to resolve it, then I would appreciate your help.