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34980A DAQ with 34924A Mux Modules

Question asked by User6878 on Oct 5, 2020


I am thinking of using 34980A System with some 34924A Multiplexer Modules. I read that there is availability of Internal Analog Buses from the connector at the rear of the mainframe with which one can connect to the Internal DMM and possibly also extend the number of modules. My goal is to multiplex more than 100 channels. So, My question is:

Is it possible to use one of the analog bus(or possibly more) as input(instead of COM1/COM2) for multiplexing the different channels on Bank1 and Bank2. My signals are relatively low amplitude(below 10V) and low frequency (below 1MHz). 

So in summary, is it possible to provide input from Analog Bus connector and outputs over several different channels? The main motive behind doing so is that otherwise i have to provide input at COM1/2 using several 34924T terminal blocks and it becomes very complex with wiring if i am using several MUX Modules.