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Trying to run Python3 script that uses Webbot from a BAT file. How do I get rid of this terminal?

Question asked by selenanur on Oct 4, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2020 by kinterosjose

I made a Python3 script that uses Webbot as a screenscraper. The script opens chrome, goes to a website and logs in.

While trying to automate this further and make it run when I log into Windows 10, I made a BAT file to run the python script. Although no matter what I try as far as methods of trying to execute the script I get a terminal window, similar to a node.js application. 

Currently my BAT file looks like this

start "" python C:\Users\nicho\PycharmProjects\Startup\ exit

How can I not have this pop up? If I try closing the window, it closes the chrome browser too! This doesn't happen when running from PyCharm.