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intuilink s2p 8720D

Question asked by cmontoya on Dec 9, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2011 by cmontoya
I am having a little trouble geting s2p files out of the excel toolbar app for intuilink. I have no problem getting S1p files, I think I have every thing setup right. I get this error
VNA Not Configured for S2P
The instrument is not properly configured to obtain an 52P measurement.
Make sure that the instrument has been configured as follows:
- A full 2-port calibration performed,
- Is in frequency domain mode,
- All channels are coupled,
- Is in Quad Parameter made,
- Each channel is displaying a unique S-parameter,
i.e. setups A-E of the 9-Param Displays shortcut menu.

-I have preformed a 2-port cal, I have removed the effects of an adapter
- am looking at s11,s21,s22,s12, so I think I am in  frequency domain mode
- All channels are coupled, as best as I can tell this is the case
- I am not quite sure what this one is, maybe this is my problem
- each channel is displaying a unque s-parameter
- I am in setup A

Any input would be appreciated