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Windows remote desktop 16862A

Question asked by AELP on Sep 18, 2020
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I'm trying to connect to the logic analyzer using remote dekstop. My LA is running windows10. The problem I'm having is when connecting remotely the credentials don't work. I've created a local user and have enabled remote access for it but this doesn't work.
I also own other Keysight equipment like spectrum analyzer and for that Keysight provisions 2 built in accounts (instrument and administrator) that work for remote connection. Neither of those works for the LA.
I've also modified the local policies (secpol.msc) in windows to allow for remote connections without luck.
The LA is running in my company's lab and we run test kit in private networks so no need to make it part of the corporate domain.
When connecting to it I've tried the user name as part of the LA's workgroup or local host domain name, i.e., KEYSIGH-XXXX\user - and also just \user, but not working either.
Also have enabled remote connections in the firewall.
Is remote access using remote desktop blocked in this device for some reason ? The same method works in all other Keysight, Agilent, R&S, we have. Basically anything with windows.


Has anyone come across this before and found a way around it?