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segment sweep mixer IP3

Question asked by desDRS on Sep 10, 2020

I am measuring a mixer with N5242A. The LO is external Sig Gen controlled as Device0. I can measure conversion loss using segmented sweep. But I cannot get segmented sweep turned on when measuring IP3.The dual source in Port 1&2 is sweeping,  e.g a fixed 1M apart over 5.8-6.3G, and the IP3 is measured. But I cannot get it to add the remaining segments to 18G as I could for conversion loss.


Can you explain the steps I need to follow??


RF IN         LO      IF

5.8-6.3G   10.5G   4.7-4.2G

6.3-6.8G   11.0G   4.7-4.2G


17.5-18.0   21.0G   3.5-3.0G