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PNA-X SMC with Phase Remote Programming

Question asked by aus10 on Dec 8, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2010 by johanericsson
I am trying to do a SMC cal with phase remotely and have found that my phase measurement is erroneous compared to one where I manually go through the calibration wizard and check the phase measurement box.

It seems like the programming command (SENSe<ch>:MIXer:PHASe <bool>) does check the SMC phase measurement box.  However, the cal does not give me my desired result unless I manually uncheck the phase option and re-enable it with a mouse click.  I then run the rest of my remote programming code to fire off the calibration via a cal session and it seems to work.  Have you run into this situation where the phase cal and measurement differs when you do a remotely calibration versus a manual calibration?

I have the most recent customer release firmware as of today.