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Command expert "measure" command not working

Question asked by HaeuselmM on Sep 4, 2020

Hi, I am using the the DAQ970A with the DAQM901A multiplexer card in the first slot.

My problem is, that I can not use the measure command for a 4-wire RTD measurement because it is not terminated.


Generally I search the needed commands, try them in the command expert and if they work I export it as Python code, test it there (and normally works).


But this time the "MEASure:TEMPerature:RTD?" command does not work (no termination), so a timeout occurs. Since I am not a Python user (just use it for measurement equipment), I have problems finding my error.


I checked the commands with the "IO monitor",where you can see a screenshot in the attachment.

What is confusing me is... if i use the measurement command with only the channel as input (other 2 inputs use default values, not needed as parameter) it works.

If I add the optional parameters (want to adapt the power line cycles), it does not work anymore.


rtd1 = DAQ970A.query(':MEASure:TEMPerature:RTD? (%s)' % ('@101'))               --> works

rtd2 = DAQ970A.query(':MEASure:TEMPerature:RTD? %d,(%s)' % (85,'@101'))     --> works not


Does anyone have an idea what I would have to change so it works?

KR, Marc


Monitor and the refering python command