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SCPI Commands For E5071C Measurement

Question asked by ajocius on Apr 20, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2011 by Dr_joel
We recently got a new Agilent E5071C VNA.  My first time using a VNA.  Our colleagues in Germany require us to compare our UUT to a saved "Golden Sample" trace.  If the UUT deviates by more than 1.7dB anywhere along the trace the UUT fails.  I want to send SCPI commands in order to do this.  What SCPI Commands do I need to use in order to accomplish this test?  The sequence is below:

(a)  Calibrate the instrument from 76 - 90MHz using a S11 measurement with a Log/Mag format. We have an eCal calibration kit.
(b) Save the calibration to a file
(c)  Take a "Golden Sample" and record the trace from 76 - 90MHz and save the trace to another file
(d)  Take a UUT and compare it with the "Golden Sample".  Recall the calibration and "Golden Sample" trace files and compare to UUT
(e)  If the UUT trace is less than 1.7dB anywhere along the "Golden Sample" trace all is fine, test passes
(f)  If the UUT  trace is greater than 1.7dB anywhere along the "Golden Sample" trace,  test fails

Seems simple, however reading the documentation in a Windows Help file is difficult.  Not sure where to start and where to end.  My chief problem is I'm not a RF guy typically and this instrument is new to me.  For the months to come this instrument will be my partner.

Any assistance will help me immensely.  Thanks.